Emergency Lighting, Heating, and Cooking

POWER IN PREPAREDNESS! Week 4: Emergency Lighting, Cooking, and Heating

Family Home Evening—Choose what works for your family.


Nephi’s Courage, and Book of Mormon Stories (Children’s Songbook, p. 120 and p. 118); The Lord is My Light (Hymns, p. 89)

Book of Mormon Story

Nephi builds a ship.
Read 1 Nephi 17:5-18, 50-55; 1 Nephi 18:1-8.

Discussion Questions

  1. How did Nephi make a fire?
    By striking two stones together
  2. What did Nephi make with molten ore?
    Tools to build a ship
  3. How did Nephi learn to build a ship?
    He prayed often, and the Lord showed him how to build it.


  1. If Heavenly Father commands us to do something, we can do it!
  2. We can prepare for power outages and emergency cooking and heating needs by storing equipment for lighting, cooking, and heating.
  3. We should store fuel for heating, if possible.

Activity Ideas

  1. Pretend the power is out. Cook without the kitchen stove, oven, or microwave.
  2. Eat dinner by lantern, flashlight, or candlelight. Store emergency lighting equipment and fuel. Place flashlights in your 72-hour kits.
  3. Store emergency cooking equipment and fuel in stages: in your 72-hour kits, for three months, and for one year.
  4. Consider how you will stay warm in an emergency. Look at alternative heating options and store fuel for one year, if possible.

Treat Ideas

  1. S’mores
    1. Roast marshmallows over canned fuel or candlelight.
    2. Place a roasted marshmallow and a piece of chocolate between two graham crackers.
  2. Banana boats
    1. Peel back one section of a banana skin.
    2. Cut a wedge-shaped piece from the exposed section of banana (and eat the banana piece!).
    3. Place small marshmallows and chocolate chips into the cut-out area.
    4. Cover the marshmallow-filled section with the peeled-back banana skin.
    5. Wrap the whole banana in foil.
    6. Bake the foil-wrapped banana in warm coals, in a barbecue grill, or in a warm (350) oven until the marshmallows and chocolate are gooey.

A Quick View of Emergency Lighting, Cooking, and Heating

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