Financial Preparedness

POWER IN PREPAREDNESS! Week 12: Financial Preparedness

Family Home Evening—Choose what works for your family.


Choose the Right Way and Thanks to Our Father (Children’s Songbook, p. 160 and p. 20); Count Your Blessings and Come Ye Thankful People (Hymns, p. 241 and p. 94)

Book of Mormon Story

The Nephites and Lamanites prosper when they are righteous.
Read Helaman 6:1-18.

Discussion Questions

  1. Who became the more righteous people?
    The Lamanites
  2. What kind of metals did they refine?
    Gold, silver, and precious ore of every kind
  3. What did the women make?
    They spun and made fine-twined linen and cloth of every kind.
  4. Why did the people begin to set their hearts upon their riches?
    Because the Lord had blessed them so long with the riches of the world, and they had not been stirred up to anger, to wars, nor to bloodshed.


  1. We should strive to always be grateful to Heavenly Father for our blessings.
  2. We should strive to pay an honest tithe, give a generous fast offering, avoid debt, establish and live within a family budget, and build a financial reserve.

Activity Ideas

  1. Fill out tithing envelopes with children.
  2. Make tithing boxes with sections for tithing, mission savings, and spending.
  3. Make a budget! Talk about it with the whole family to help the children feel part of the family’s financial goals.
  4. Read together The Oxcart Man (Hall).

Treat Ideas

  1. Coin candy (wrapped in gold foil)
  2. Frugal treats
    Cinnamon toast: toast bread, spread with butter, and sprinkle cinnamon sugar.
    Apple slices and caramel

A Quick View of Financial Emergency Preparedness

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