Emergency Shelter and Clothing

POWER IN PREPAREDNESS! Week 5: Emergency Shelter and Clothing

Family Home Evening—Choose what works for your family.


Follow the Prophet, and Here We Are Together (Children’s Songbook, p. 110 and p 261); Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice (Hymns, p. 21)

Book of Mormon Story

King Benjamin’s address
Read Words of Mormon 1:17-18, Mosiah 2:1-17.

Discussion Questions

  1. What was King Benjamin like?
    King Benjamin was a righteous king and a holy man. (Sometimes the people in the Book of Mormon lived in a “theocracy,” when their leader served as both a king and a prophet.)
  2. When the people gathered together to hear King Benjamin speak, where did they pitch their tents?
    Around the temple with their tent doors toward the temple
  3. What did King Benjamin stand on when he spoke? Why?
    A tower, so the large multitude of people could hear him


  1. We are blessed to be able to gather together to hear the counsel of our church leaders.
  2. We can make preparations for shelter to protect our families in an emergency.
  3. We should store clothing as part of our emergency storage.

Activity Ideas

  1. Sleep out in a tent together. Set a goal to obtain a form of shelter for your 72-hour kits.
  2. Store essential clothing in your 72-hour kits.
  3. When possible, plan and store for future clothing needs.

Treat Ideas

  1. Fruit Roll-ups (fruit leather)
  2. Blanket Donuts
    1. Separate each biscuit from a can of biscuits.
    2. Smash each biscuit into a round, flat “blanket.”
    3. Place a chocolate Hershey’s Kiss in the center, pull the “blanket” up over it, and pinch the dough together as well as possible.
    4. Fry the donuts in warm oil until quite brown to avoid having raw dough in the middle.
    5. Roll the donuts in powdered sugar.

A Quick View of Emergency Shelter and Clothing

Download Emergency Shelter and Clothing 2017Feb04