Water Storage

POWER IN PREPAREDNESS! Week 1: Water Storage

Family Home Evening Ideas—Choose what works for your family.


The Wise Man and the Foolish Man, and “Give,” Said the Little Stream (Children’s Songbook, p. 281 and p. 236); The Iron Rod (Hymns, p. 274)

Book of Mormon Story

Lehi’s and Nephi’s visions of the tree of life
Read 1 Nephi 8:5-38 and 1 Nephi 12:16-18.

Discussion Questions

  1. What ran along next to the rod of iron and the strait and narrow path?
    The bank of a river
  2. What body of water did the strait and narrow path go past, where many were drowned?
    A fountain
  3. What was the water like in the fountain?


  1. Lehi and Nephi saw filthy water as a symbol of the filthiness in the world that can drown our spirits and keep us from following the path to eternal life with our families. Just as clean water is essential to the healthy life of our bodies, clean living is essential to the healthy life of our spirits.
  2. We should prepare for emergencies by storing clean water and equipment to purify water. We can also learn how to purify water.

Activity Ideas

  1. Choose the purification methods your family will use. Purify some root beer.
  2. Fill (or refill) your water storage containers.
  3. Find the water intake for your house and learn how to turn it off.
  4. Store water: in your 72-hour kits, for two weeks, and for longer term, if possible.

Treat Ideas

  1. Root beer floats
  2. Powdered milk smoothies
    1. Combine in blender:
      • 2 c. canned fruit and juice (or 1 c. fresh fruit, 1 c. water, and sugar to taste)
      • ¾ c. non-instant dry milk powder (or 1⅓ c. instant dry milk powder)
      • 1-2 drops almond flavoring
    2. Add and blend:
      • 2 c. ice

A Quick View of Water Storage

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