Water Purification

Water Purification with Granular Calcium Hypochlorite

Granular calcium hypochlorite is also known as swimming pool shock.
A one-pound bag will treat over 10,000 gallons of drinking water. This is enough water for one gallon per person per day for a family of four for six years!
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Granular calcium hypochlorite will store for 10 years, depending on storage conditions.

  1. Keep it cool and dry.
  2. Keep it sealed in its original container.
  3. Do not store above 95 degrees; it will rapidly decompose.
  4. A one-pound bag will fit in a quart jar for safe storage.
  5. Wear goggles and gloves when handling.

EPA instructions:

  1. To reconstitute a stock chlorine solution, dissolve 1⁄4 ounce (or 1 heaping tsp.) of granular hypochlorite in 2 gallons water.
  2. To purify water, combine 1 part stock chlorine solution to 100 parts water (1 cup stock chlorine solution + 6.25 gallons water)
  3. Allow the water to stand for 30 minutes.
  4. Aerate the water to remove the chlorine taste. Open the container and allow the chlorine to evaporate. To speed aeration, pour the water back and forth from one clean container to another.

EPA Instructions

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