Green Onions in a Pot

Green onions can easily be grown using the stems from green onions purchased at the grocery store. When you buy the green onions, make sure they haven’t trimmed all the roots off!

Prepare a pot with potting soil to about 1 to 2 inches below the top rim of the pot. We like 8 to 12 inch pots best for growing our green onions. We use Miracle Grow potting soil and have had great success.

Trim the tops of the green onions to about 1 1/2 to 2 above the “V.” Be sure to trim above the “V” where the growth occurs. If you cut below the “V,” no growth will occur. The top trimmings can be eaten.

After trimming, push the green onion stems-roots downward-into the soil about two inches, so that they don’t tip over when you water them.

The 12-inch pot holds about 18 plants, approximately 2-3 inches apart. They are closer together in the smaller pot.

Green onions prefer a cool location and don’t need a lot of light. We put them in a north-facing window with no supplemental lighting and water them about once a week. They are extremely easy to take care of and will continue to grow new tops for about a year, providing you with a continuous supply of fresh green onions tops.

When you need some green onion tops, trim the leaves above the “V.”

After about a year, they become less productive and begin producing flowers and seeds. Empty the pots and start over for another batch of home-grown green onions.